Amal Foundation

A word from our president on our 5th anniversary


Sherin Al-Safadi

The community of kids with chronic disease and disabilities is not short on heroes. These are kids who let nothing stand in the way of achieving their goals, and inspire others to meet their own obstacles head on. When I’m having a bad day, I think of these young heroes; and at Fondation Amal, we strive to build heroes like them.

Despite a challenging time for non-profits, defined by crisis and great need, Fondation Amal continues strong on the journey we began in February 2012 to build an inclusive world for children with disabilities. Through inspiration from our purpose and challenging the status quo, we have successfully turned crisis into opportunity.

Fondation Amal represents a team of “philanthropreneurs”, who have stepped forward to contribute their creativity and entrepreneurial skills to the world of philanthropy, in the hope of addressing societal challenges. As we continue to leave a deep footprint and touch the lives of many children with chronic disease and disabilities, as well as their families and friends, we also strive to catalyze social change and inclusion.

We are not alone on our journey. Rather, we are accompanied by countless individuals and organizations, whose generosity and advocacy have led to the birth of a true community partnership. So how can we continue to fuel this journey? With patience and perseverance, and through long-lasting partnerships with stakeholders who share our mission, passion and determination to make meaningful, systemic change.

Happy 5th anniversary Fondation Amal! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has supported our ongoing success, worked with us and believed in us, 2017 was nothing short of magic. Thank you for joining us in this year’s important milestone celebrations for all our accomplishments. Best wishes to you, your families and loved ones for a wonderful holiday season, looking forward to continuing this journey with you in 2018, and to many more exciting years ahead together, we are here for the long run.