Amal Foundation

For 2015, Fondation Amal has partnered once again with the MAB-Mackay Foundation. The MAB-Mackay Foundation exists to support the realization of the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre’s mission. With tremendous spirit, leadership and vision, the Foundation is proud to create an increasing and lasting impact on the Centre. The Foundation makes a difference through financial support that allows thousands of kids to receive clinical services for visual, auditory, motor and communication impairments, which would not have otherwise been possible.

Funds raised will be donated to its Multiple Impairment Program (MIP), the only program in Quebec that supports children with a combination of visual, hearing, and motor impairments.


Specifically, Fondation Amal will support the MIP’s Hydrotherapy activities, an interdisciplinary parent‐child program that takes place in the MAB‐Mackay’s adapted pool. The children in the program are constantly fighting gravity, constrained to a wheelchair most of their day so as to remain upright and control movement in their arms and legs. Hydrotherapy provides a rare opportunity for the children to be free to move and express themselves without restraint. The natural resistance of the water also promotes muscle strength and tone. The annual cost to maintain the adapted pool and run these hydrotherapy sessions is $25,000.